This is a community-maintained repository of code snippets that help modify the default behavior of Easy Digital Downloads.

Snippets are organized into categories (folders) and each snippet is placed in its own file with a name that describes what it does.

Using Snippets

Most files in this library are set up to be WordPress plugins:
  1. Browse the categories in the main menu above to find the snippet you need.
  2. Copy the code snippet from the page and paste it into a new, empty WordPress plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugins page.
If you need help customising any of the snippets or do not understand how to use them, we recommend hiring an Easy Digital Downloads consultant.


These snippets come with no guarantees. Due to the constant evolution of the EDD codebase, it is possible that the behavior of these snippets may change overtime. Find something broken? Let us know!